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Discover Black Paris

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

France's history of colonialism brought generations of migrants to the metropole, making Paris a vibrantly diverse city. While France's colonial history is a dark spot on its past, there is a multitude of ways to celebrate the beauty of Black history and culture in Paris.

Le Paris Noir

In 2013, Kévi Donat began giving tours on the black history of Paris. Ten years later, Kévi has been featured on the BBC, in the Washington Post, and across many other media platforms. In 2017, I joined Kévi for his tour of the Left Bank and Paris' black intellectuals. Walk in the steps of Richard Wright and James Baldwin. Learn about Aimé Césaire and the negritude movement. His tour remains one of the best I have ever taken in Paris. Le Paris Noir tours do not shy away from exposing the legacies of colonialism in France. Check out everything Kévi is working on at

Little Africa Paris

I discovered Little Africa's guide to Paris when researching a student trip in 2017. This invaluable guide helped me discover some of Paris' best African shops, restaurants, artists and galleries, and community centers. They now offer their own experiences, including topics on African fashion in the Goutte d'Or and a Taste of Africa in Paris. For more information about their tours, visit

Musée de l'histoire de l'immigration

It is not often you find a public acknowledgment of France's colonial legacy. At the Museum of the History of Immigration, located in the Palais de la Porte Dorée, you can trace the history of Immigration in France, including its complex colonial past. The Palais de la Porte Dorée itself was part of the 1931 Colonial Exposition. The facade and building interior imagery depict France's dependence on colonialism and the economic wealth that this exploitation brought to France. This story is an important one: recognition of this history serves to educate and reveal the legacies of colonialism still present in the metropole. A full overview of the museum can be found at Note: The permanent collection is closed until June 2023.

More Black Paris

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