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Baby's First Flight: What I Loved and What I Wish I Had Packed

Over the Easter holiday, we took our first big trip with the baby. We traveled to Phoenix, Arizona, to visit my family for the long weekend. Plagued by anxiety over forgetting something, I overpacked. Here is a list of what I loved and wish I had packed on this first flight.

What I loved

Travel Bassinet

I bought the Baby Delight travel bassinet at the recommendation of Instagramer, whereisbriggs. This bassinet looked perfect for our baby camping bed problems. Since we were checking luggage, I used this trip to test it. The bassinet is larger than I expected, but it easily folds, and I could pack my son's clothes inside to go into our large suitcase. It is lightweight and was perfect for naps while away from our Airbnb at my sister's house.

Pacifier Wipes

I lost count of times his pacifier fell on the airplane floor. So we packed Dapple travel wipes to clean his pacifier and anything else that came in contact with plane germs.

Car Seat and Stroller

The most stressful part of planning our first trip was what we would do about a car seat. I went back and forth about whether or not to pack our car seat (my sister had an infant car seat we could use once we arrived). Ultimately, I decided to travel with our car seat and stroller. I cannot be happier that we did. It gave me such peace of mind to know he was traveling safely. And his stroller helped carry some of our baggage rather than holding our bags and him on my chest. Our car seat can be installed safely using only a seatbelt, but we opted to pack our base for this trip. I recommend doing what you feel is safe.

What I wish I had

Gate Check Bag

When we decided to bring our car seat and stroller, I wished I had a gate check bag to place them. It would have kept our belongings together and helped the drop and pick-up process. Lesson learned: I have already purchased one for our next trip.

Duffle-style diaper bag

We have been using a backpack for the baby's diaper bag. I assumed it would be perfect for travel since a backpack is easy to carry. However, the primary issue with the backpack diaper bag is that it takes time to quickly access the things you need. Every time we needed something, it was at the bottom of the bag and hard to reach. We have since transitioned to a duffle bag style, which has been much easier to carry and organize.

Wrap carrier

I went back and forth on this item when considering what to pack. We have an Ergo baby carrier, which is excellent for walking around or hiking with the baby. When we were not planning to bring the car seat and stroller, I planned to carry the baby on my chest using the Ergo carrier. When our plans changed, I packed the carrier in our checked luggage because it was somewhat challenging to get in and out while sitting. Next flight, I am packing a wrap-style carrier for boarding and holding him on the flight. Holding the baby while they sleep is very tiring with a lap infant, and it gets uncomfortable in the limited seating space.

Traveling with an infant is always a challenge, especially because they are at a different growth and developmental stage each time we travel. What worked on this trip for my three-month-old will not work on our long-haul flight later this year. When planning these travels, do your research and maybe do a trial run before you decide to pack anything. Take the baby out for the day, and try out what works and what will make your life a little bit easier.

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