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Travel Consultation Services

Are you planning a trip to France but don’t know where to begin? Here is where I come in. As an experienced traveler across France, I can help you narrow down your trip goals and work with you to craft your travel itinerary. Each consultation begins with an introductory meeting to get to know you and how you travel and to learn about how you would like to experience France. Based on that meeting, I will assemble an individualized list of recommendations and travel tips tailored to your preferences. Because this is a consultary relationship, you are welcome to provide feedback on the advice and provide other requests throughout the planning process. 


  1. To provide you with tailored recommendations for your trip to France

  2. To help answer questions about the planning process

  3. To deliver on-the-ground tips for getting around France

  4. To alleviate anxiety and empower you in planning your perfect French experience


My Travel Philosophy

My approach to travel is centered around a desire to learn about the world. Travel should not be one only as an observer but as a participant. In planning my travels, I search for experiences that help me feel more like a local, even though most times, tourists always stick out. I seek ways to see the major sites while keeping time for wandering. My recommendations are easy on the budget. I don’t want to only provide you with information that you can find in any guidebook. My recommendations are based on my own experience and well-researched suggestions. 

Cost of Services

Once a request has been received, I will respond with availability for our follow-up consultation. The above-outlined process costs $100.00 to be paid before the first online consultation. Any additional online conversations will incur a $10 fee per 30-minute call. While email communication is free of charge, any time I find the written requests warrant further discussions, I will communicate that, and another call can be scheduled. The above services provided are non-refundable. 

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